Perfect fit

High end activewear should have a great fit for your workout, yoga class or gym session. But it should also have a great fit in your daily routine. Our goal is to design activewear that becomes true athleisure so you can wear it anywhere, anyday. To achieve that goal we work around the clock to achieve the absolute perfect fit.

Ideal muscle compression

One of the advantages of our leggings is muscle compresssion. It increases blood circulation and supports your muscles like a brace but without the tension. Great for sports but also for your everyday routine.

Breathing fabrics

Your active lifestyle needs to breathe. That’s why you need a wardrobe that will breathe for you. The fine threads and loose weaves in our fabrics make for breathable garments that will not retain moisture and air but instead will keep you cool.

Eco friendly

You care about mother nature and so do we. We believe it’s our responsability to contribute to a sustainable world in every way we can.

Where to buy

At the moment most of our stockists are located in Belgium and The Netherlands. If you interested in selling Nunu Activewear, please contact our lead designer Noenoe, you can find her contact information on the contact page.

Secure online shopping

safe payments

We guarantee a safe online shopping environment for all your purchases.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping on all our products to our European customers. Shopping outside Europe? Don’t worry, we offer low shipping rates worldwide. But because we can’t offer a flat rate to any country, please use our shipping calculator on checkout. Also, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our products, we have 14 day return policy.