A short conversation with Isabelle De Hovre

Ten years ago, Isabelle De Hovre founded De Hovre PR; her own Antwerp based press relations agency for luxury, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Today she's a successful business woman, as well as a mother and wife. We had the chance to sit down with Isabelle and talk about her busy but interesting life...



How did you end up becoming the PR executive of your own company?

I started my business ten years ago after working for several agencies in Belgium in the same sector. I loved my job a lot but I needed a bigger challenge so I started my own company.


What motivates you?

New challenges like new clients, new collections, the changing environment in fashion - I just love all new things, like every day is a surprise.


What does your morning routine look like?

I get up really early, 6.20 am. I am very quiet and make my cappuccino; I can’t live without it. After this, I go to the cross fit. Most of the time I will go in the morning, but two days a week I will go after work or in the evening. 


Sound like a busy schedule. How do you maintain focus?

When I lose my focus, I will go for a walk and get some fresh air. I have to admit I drink a lot of coffee also.


At the moment, what do you consider your biggest challenge?

Trying to keep updated with all new trends, new media, new influencers etc. Never stop and never look back. We always have to be ahead of everybody, in seasons, in trends so it’s quite a challenge to stay updated about the latest stuff happening in the world of fashion.

My biggest challenge as a mother and wife? Being everything; a healthy and sporty woman, a good and present mom, a loving wife, a business woman… You just have to be all of it. Don’t forget your friends either, your work, your kids. Finding a balance between all those roles is a challenge.



As with all our Nunu women, we will shoot some quick questions. How would you describe a modern woman? 

A modern woman is a woman who feels good in her body. At whatever age, she is proud of herself of what she achieved. She is self-confident and doesn’t care about what people think of her. 


How important is sustainability for you in today’s world and what actions do you take on a daily basis? 

I try to be as sustainable as I can. I buy Belgian designers who are seasonless and try not to buy big-mass clothing that I will throw away after one week. I have a hybrid car and an electric bike that I try to use whenever the weather is okay.


How would you describe the way you dress, your personal style? 

I think I dress feminine, but also quite casual. You will almost never see me with heels or short skirts. But I do like a girly blouse with ruffles, lace, or some deep V-necks. I try to combine very girly tops or shirts with a cool jeans or wide pants. I'm like a chameleon; I like colors a lot, so you can spot me with a very flashy pink coat and then in the evening I will be all in black, a bit rock & roll.



What’s one accessory you can’t do without? 



If you had to describe Nunu Activewear in 3 words, which would those be? 

Feminine, comfy and trendy.


What are your personal Nunu favorites?  

My black Tuxedo leggings & my black PIKA shirt 


What Nunu pieces do/would you like to combine with other styles of clothing? 

I have the black Nunu leggings with a high waist for three years already. I can wear them all the time; at home or for example to bring the kids to school with a long kaki jacket & sneakers - it’s so nice! Or to travel they are perfect too. 


Thank you for sitting down with us, Isabelle. Any message you would like to send out to all the women out there?

Be yourself! Don’t care about what other people think of you. Do what makes you happy. Life’s too short to worry.



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